Technical challenges.
Creative solutions.

You may not know it yet, but we're anxiously waiting to make your business better. We build, shape and launch new ideas, every day. You can have some of those ideas. We'd love to give them to you.


We work a great deal in the world of web design and video where pretty pictures are rarely enough. We partner with our clients to provide clear solutions based on the idea that every word and every moment of connectivity counts. We love working with big thinkers. Check out a few of them below.


Our clients range from Fortune 500 medical providers to local farmers. As diverse as their businesses may be, their needs are always the same. Good ideas getting the attention they deserve. Check out our projects below to get a sense of our work.

Who we are

We make and sell ideas. Ideas that have spark and cut through noise. Those ideas may be on the Web, TV, radio, billboards, magazines, coffee cups, busses, Facebook or spray painted raccoons. Regardless of the medium, our work is about creating better ways to get people to pay attention to you.
  • Chris Bothel


    After project management and sales roles with T-Mobile and Comcast, Chris joined Baron & Company as a VP of digital media in 2007. Later with Jason Glover, he would come to be a 50% owner in Baron & Company. Today, Chris works with clients of all sizes, establishing strategic direction and creating substantive campaigns. Additionally, he plays a role in working with our Fortune 500 medical clients, ensuring that they are reaching the physician community in dynamic ways. A graduate of Western Washington University, Chris holds a BA in Political Science.

  • Jason Glover


    As General Manager and Senior Graphic Designer, Jason is responsible for overseeing the graphic design and production services of Baron & Company. He is involved in the strategic development and planning for creating the most effective visual presentation of the brand. Jason enjoys creative problem solving in a variety of media on pressing deadlines. Since joining Baron & Company in 1997, Jason has managed many successful integrated communications campaigns across a broad range of project types, including brand development, advertising, video production and website development.

  • Phil Acuncius


    Phil is a graduate of the graphic design program at Western Washington University. He is a skilled designer who works very quickly without missing a single detail. He previously worked as a designer for WWU and at Cartwright Creative Group. Originally from Spokane, Phil has lived in Bellingham since 1992, and enjoys mountain biking and photography.

Talk to us

We don't have complicated contracts and lengthy retainers. Clients are always free to work with us in the way they feel is best. Call us to find out how we can partner with you.

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